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Weekly Drawing & Painting Classes for Kids in Mississauga

Are you looking to master the arts of drawing and painting? Do you want to learn new skills or refine your existing talents? From color theory to perspective, depth of field, and a line there are an endless array of subjects to learn about! Get ready to take your art to new heights!

We teach students of all ages to paint and draw realistically. All age groups and skill levels are welcome. My classes cover a wide set of different exercises, such as sculpture, portraiture, cartooning, still-life, figure drawing, landscape, and animation. Students set the pace of learning in my classes, and lessons are constructed to match students’ interests.

This is a deep, immersive introduction to the fine arts that offers far more than an arts & crafts class. Students will learn the fundamental concepts that drive painting and drawing and learn to appreciate and observe the world in new ways.

Whether you want to master traditional styles and techniques or learn to create your own distinctive touch by bending the rules, these classes will teach you the skills you need and allow you to refine them.

The full range of instruction covers all the essential basics required for drawing. Topics featured include the principles of line, weight, form, and tone. We let pre-teen students re-create the drawings of the masters to study their techniques and refine their own skills. The development of original ideas and self-expression are also encouraged. Pre-teens are exposed to advanced concepts and entrusted with complex projects.

The introductory painting course concentrates on fundamental skills used in acrylic painting. Students will get a first-hand look at techniques like color harmony while learning how core concepts can bring unity to a single work. This course challenges students to exercise their imaginations, refine their artistic skills, and change how they see the world. Pre-teens are allowed to study and imitate the styles of master painters in order to refine their own techniques. Students also get the opportunity to create their own works and express themselves creatively.

Are you interested in teaching your kid to paint or draw ?

Or improve skills in those wonderful activities? Did you try other schools or studios and not satisfied with them? In our school you have an amazing opportunity to learn in a friendly and fun atmosphere, we have couple groups and an amazing teacher who is very motivated and our students love our lessons. Each month we have a different topic, different techniques and new materials are used. For lessons, we provide free materials for our students without any extra fees.

Learn How to Draw – Paint Realistically & Creatively!

Our teacher will be happy to help everyone to improve skills, no matter what level of experience you have. We try to build our lessons to make them exciting for kids. Funtime guaranteed. During our art classes, we teach how to break rules and create your own style based on your interests.