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Individual Flute Lessons For All Ages

The best way of learning how to play an instrument is private instruction. Our flute lessons cover all types of students from absolute beginners to advanced players. All our in-home lessons are customized to fit the students’ needs and skill levels. We have experienced teachers who master the art of making learning fun.

Your children can learn how to play the flute in a way that will make them fall in love with the instrument and with music in general. They will play music for pleasure and fun rather than for pleasing their parents.

Our teaching method is based on a multi-sensory learning system which helps children broaden their understanding of music. This method integrates modules that help to enhance memory and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability of the child to express himself.

Our flute lessons for teens are far from being boring. We keep an alert pace and make sure the student is engaged in the learning process in such a way that the passion for music will follow him throughout his entire life.

Teenagers come to us with different levels of experience and interest for music. We manage to offer them all the fun they want, in order to perceive flute playing is such a cool thing to do! We cover all genres from classical music to pop, rock, jazz or anything else for that matter. We know how to make our flute lessons challenging and entertaining.

Our lessons are customized to fit the age and the psychological profile of the student. We start by integrating lots of fun activities. As the student gets used to our method, we advance towards emphasizing more and more the flute playing technical skills. This is how we avoid scaring the students.

You have our word that your child will thank you some day for enabling him to study the flute.

Today is the best moment to start the private flute lessons. We take pride in being very good at what we do. You are going to see your progress very soon.

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Our Prices

Mon – Fri 3.00-9.00PM
Saturday 9.00-3.00PM

This amount of the tuition can apply to whole month payments only.

  • Private 30 minutes lesson – $25 per lesson
  • Private 45 minutes lesson – $37.50 per lesson

This amount of the tuition can apply with pre-authorized payments only.

  • Private 30 minutes lesson – $23 per lesson
  • Private 45 minutes lesson – $34.50 per lesson

Trial private 30m lesson – $25