I have been a piano teacher for more than 10 years and in the time I have been doing this job, I have come to notice that the parents of my students mainly make the same basic inquiries. This has made me realize that there is quite a minimal amount of information out there to help those seeking information the time and mode in which their children should commence instruction on formal music.

With this in mind, I have compiled the various questions that frequently hear. The most important one of these is the goal of music lessons to children. A very young child is not exposed to music so that he or she can master the instrument, but so he or she can gain experience and know how to develop a good relationship with music at a young age.
Another major question is how you know that your child is ready to take up music lessons. This is easy to figure out as all a parent has to do is observe his child. Some children will show a genuine interest to wanting to play a given instrument. As a parent, you need just to follow the instincts of your child. If they are ready, then you will know.
You can also watch your kids so that you can notice signs of interest in music like humming or tapping with their fingers. This clearly qualifies as a sign of interest in music and you ought to consider developing this interest as soon as possible. The age of the child does not matter. For extremely young children you will just need to adjust how intense the lessons are and moderate the child’s rate of practice.
If at all your child does not show any interest in any type of instrument whatsoever, but you are willing to incorporate music into their learning, I would recommend that you start with piano lessons. This is because piano is a very good way of introducing music theory to a child. This can later be transferred to another instrument or the child’s own voice. It is also easier to pick up as compared to other instruments.