The majority of elementary schools give a chance for students of third and above grades to participate in group training for all music instruments excluding the piano. That leads to a great opportunity to be engaged in school music groups and bands together with their classmates and friends which makes unforgettable memories for the rest of their lives. The only negative side of group lessons is that kids having particular problems with studying their instrument can be sometimes too shy to ask for additional attention and assistance from the teacher. Moreover, the teacher having tight school schedule may not be able to pay necessary attention to all the kids that may need it. The discourage got as a result can be a reason of painful memories and low self-esteem of the child. Private lessons with a professional tutor can be the best solution facilitating an easy and fast educational process.

When you have finally found an answer to the question regarding the right time for your child to begin music education, there is another issue needed to be resolved. Knowing your kid you should clearly realize that patience and persistence are crucial for completing practicing. Commonly kids require any kind of encouragement from your side, especially at the initial stage of their education. Let your imagination flow and try different suggestions. It can be something that your child likes the most, for example, playing video games extra time at the end of the training week or receiving some gift, like ice cream or new comic book and so on.

Nevertheless, I consider persistence while studying a particular music instrument to be important for the whole educational process. I firmly believe that music education shouldn’t be a painful process, but letting the kid change the activities from one to another without finishing the previous one is a way to nowhere. You have act the way for your child to understand that in case of starting any activity, for example during one school year, he/she has an obligation to complete it before thinking about another one. Close to the end of the year it is possible to discuss the possible changing of the activity in case if the child is either not satisfied with it or just wants to try something else. The traits of character developed during this process will be important not only for his/her musical achievements, but also for his/her future life.