We Offer High-Quality Professional Music Lessons in Mississauga

  • Piano Lessons

    Piano lessons are a very enriching and an essential experience for anyone to enjoy music. We offer all levels of piano instruction from beginner to the advanced.

  • Guitar Lessons

    Maybe you have always wanted to learn the play the guitar but never looked into learning. If so, we have five guitar instructors on our staff who will be pleased to help you make your dream come true. And if you are experienced as a guitar player but would like to improve your skills, we can help you too. No matter what your skill level is we offer acoustic and electric guitar lessons for anyone, whether beginner or advanced.

  • Saxophone Lessons

    We have saxophone and clarinet teachers who are experienced and specialize in giving private lessons. These lessons have been customized to meet the needs of every individual student, ranging from beginners to those who are advanced. You will be surprised with the speed at which your child will improve with private clarinet or saxophone lessons.

  • Drum Lessons

    If you have ever wanted to play that drum beat from a favorite song that is in your head or if you are in a band and would like to contribute more to the band’s musicality, we can help you. Or maybe your child would be benefited by being able to take out aggression while learning to play music. This is a skill that will also help them in other parts of their life and learning. Or maybe you are a hopeful musician and want to take your skills on the drum to the next level. We can help in all these situations.

  • Flute

    If you would like to learn how to play the flute, the Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Art offers the perfect program for you.

  • Voice/Singing/Vocal

    We have amazing vocal teachers who can assist you in bringing your singing voice to the next level. If you sing and play the piano, we have vocal coaches who also teach piano and can teach you the songs you have always dreamed of playing. Learn more about our singing lessons and high-quality vocal coaches.

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