Ontario’s professional school of Music & Art

  • If you are reading these, it means you are looking for music lessons in Mississauga

    As we know music is a language of emotions and an indispensable key to the human soul. Are dreaming about discovering new talents or to master you skills then you are at the right place!

    Ontario’s professional school of Music & Art is perfect for all those who want to learn how to play instruments, to sing or try themselves in drawing, regardless of age and level of training teachers at our school will be able to help you.
    In our School we are offering private lessons for most of music instruments. We provide high quality lessons from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Our teachers will try our best to share their knowledge. If you are looking for piano, guitar, drums, violin lesson we are waiting you. Our music classes are fully equipped with all you need. We also carry books for sale so you don’t need to go anywhere else to buy them. If you are interested in trial lesson please fill in the form below.

    Our lessons are for all ages and levels in music. We are working weekdays from 3-9PM and Saturday 9-4PM. Give us a call leave your name and some information, we will give you a call back shortly. We love working with beginners and experienced players as well. In our school we have students who are participating in music festival and competitions. Most of them are taking highest awards.

    We are located in Mississauga at Glen Brittany plaza. Very easy to find us.

  • What We teach in our school

    Piano Lessons
    Voice Lessons
    Guitar Lessons (Acoustic, Bass, Electric…)
    String Lessons (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass…)
    Woodwind Lessons (Flute, Sax, Clarinet…)
    Drum Lessons
    Painting Classes
    Piano Lessons -we help you to learn from the very beginning! In our piano lessons at Ontario’s Professional Music School, special emphasis is placed on how to enjoy your learning process – whether you’re a 4 year old starting piano for the first time or advanced, or preparing to RCM!
    Guitar Lessons at the our school are tailored to the student’s interests: our versatile faculty can help students play in a different kind of of styles including rock, jazz, classical, blues, pop, Spanish.

    Voice Lessons are organized to give students a healthy vocal technique to sing in any style of the student’s choice, including Pop, Classical, and Broadway. We listen to our student and help them to achieve what the want!

    Violin Lessons is a unique instrument and it is hard to find professional instructor in Mississauga, in our school we have an amazing teacher who is professional and enjoy to teach kids.