We welcome people who have never played a saxophone to start music lessons in our Ontario’s Professional Music School. Beginning students focus on fundamentals, while intermediate and advanced students focus on improving repertoire and technique, including breath control and support, posture, tonal quality, finger dexterity, articulation, and hand position.
We know that to find the right teacher is very important, it is your first step in learning so we provide a trial lesson, it means you pay just for 1 lessons and see if you like it or not. This gives you opportunity to meet with a teacher and he will develop a unique program for you depending on your desires and musical preferences. We let you try before enrolling for a whole month or semester.
Saxophone lessons are held in our school, in a specially equipped classroom where you will be able to practise in a comfortable atmosphere. The main thing – your desire to learn.

We guarantee the quality of our education and guarantee results if you do not miss classes and homework.

As a proof for that we have lots of students participating in music festival and competitions and they are getting highest awards.