guitar lessons Mississauga

Guitar Lessons at Ontario’s Professional School of Music

We provide guitar lessons for all ages and levels

We have amazing instructors for beginners. They will introduce you all the basic such as; what is harmony, rhythm. We provide lessons in a friendly environment. After our student knows the basics, we start to learn different music genres, it can be our choice pop, rock, or just the songs you personally like. An instructor will help to achieve proper technique and skills. He will teach the riffs, different kinds of melodies and tunes, so in the future, you will be able to develop your own style. Benefits of taking guitar lessons in our school

  • We are located at Brittany glen plaza Mississauga, parking is available
    Our hours are flexible and we work on Saturdays
    Our instructors try to make lessons exciting
    Unique opportunity to participate in our recitals
    Fun & innovative methods

    Types of Guitars

    Electric Guitar
    Acoustic Guitar
    Classical Guitar
    Bass Guitar

    In our school, we have lots of adults and parents with children who want to learn how to play the guitar. The guitar will not only develop the child but also make him or her more disciplined and hardworking. When a student starts playing the guitar, it’s not uncommon that it helps to increase performance in regular school.

    Our students can learn the style of music that is interesting for them. It can anything from popular modern artists to old classics. Our program is an excellent way to learn one of the most popular instruments in the world. We can customize our private music lessons for our students depends on the goals and interests.

    Our Prices & Schedule

    Mon – Fri 3.00-9.00PM
    Saturday 9.00-3.00PM

    This amount of the tuition can apply to whole month payments only.

    Private 30 minutes lesson – $25 per lesson

    Private 45 minutes lesson – $37.50 per lesson

    This amount of the tuition can apply with pre-authorized payments only.

    Private 30 minutes lesson – $23 per lesson

    Private 45 minutes lesson – $34.50 per lesson

    Trial private 30m lesson – $25