Affordable Violin Lessons in Mississauga – Mississauga’s Best Violin Teachers

Violin is one of the oldest and most traditional instruments in the world. You can play it solo or in ensembles. At Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Art, we try to combine traditional methods with some modern ways of training skills. Violin has only 4 strings but it’s enough to add to every piece of music some tenderness and romanticism. Our teachers are always patient and positive. We have lots of experience in teaching beginners, advanced players, and adults. We try to make everyone feel comfortable in our school.

Our music school employs only experienced violin teachers who take a responsible approach to teach each student. They know how to inspire, support, and lead their students to results.

All violin lessons are private only. One-on-one learning is the best way to really learn this magic instrument.

How much do Violin Lessons cost?

  • Private 30-minute lesson – $33 per lesson paid by Interac
  • Discounted Rate – Private 30-minute lesson – $32 per lesson paid by Cash

The cost of violin lessons in Mississauga varies based on the lesson length.

Violin lessons are scheduled on an individual basis and the lessons are 1/2-hr, 3/4-hr, or 1-hr in length depending on the experience and commitment level of the student.


With beginners, we form the correct positioning of the hands and establish their coordination.
We study musical notation and fingering of the violin. We play simple pieces, gradually mastering changes of strings and positions. We achieve an even violin sound.


With the more experienced students, we play simple melodies that they choose for themselves. We get acquainted with the different techniques of playing.

We learn more complex strokes (spiccato, portato, markato, staccato). Learn reading from sheet music. Playing scales and etudes to develop technique.

When is the right time to start violin lessons?

The ideal time to start violin lessons depends on several factors, including the child’s physical and cognitive development, level of interest and motivation, and availability of a qualified teacher. Generally, most children are ready to start violin lessons between the ages of 5 and 7, when they have developed sufficient coordination, attention span, and ability to follow instructions. However, some children may be ready to start as early as age 3 or 4, while others may need to wait until they are a bit older. Adults can start at any age, provided they have the desire to learn and the discipline to practice regularly. Ultimately, the right time to start violin lessons is when the student is ready and motivated to learn, and when they have access to a qualified teacher who can guide them on their musical journey.