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Weekly Drawing & Painting – Art Classes for Kids in Mississauga

  • 22$ per lesson paid by Interac e-Transfer – 60 minutes group class
  • Discounted Rate – $20 per class paid by Cash
  • Monthly Payments
  • Materials Included
  • Maximum of 6 students in a group

We have groups on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after 5 pm

Monday Schedule

6:00pm – 7:00pm (ages 6-8)

7:00pm – 8:00pm (ages 9-12)

Wednesday Schedule

6:00pm – 7:00pm (ages 7-10)

Thursday Schedule

6:00pm – 7:00pm (ages 5-8)

7:00pm – 8:00pm (new group opening)

Are you aspiring to excel in the art of drawing and painting? Wish to acquire new techniques or hone your current abilities? Dive deep into a multitude of subjects, from color theory, perspective, depth of field to line work. Prepare to elevate your artistry!

We offer instruction to students of every age, teaching them to draw and paint with realism. We welcome all skill levels and age groups. Our curriculum encompasses an extensive range of exercises, including sculpture, portraiture, still life, figure drawing, and landscape.

Our program provides a comprehensive introduction to fine arts, transcending a typical arts & crafts session. Students will grasp the foundational principles underpinning painting and drawing, fostering a fresh perspective on observing the world.

Whether you aim to perfect conventional techniques or desire to infuse your personal flair by bending traditional norms, our classes will equip you with the necessary skills and the space to refine them.

Our detailed instruction touches upon the vital basics of drawing, featuring key topics such as line principles, weight, form, and tone. We encourage pre-teen students to reproduce masterpieces, allowing them to examine master techniques and fine-tune their own. We prioritize fostering originality and self-expression. Advanced concepts are introduced to pre-teens, and they are tasked with intricate projects.

The beginner’s painting course emphasizes the core techniques of acrylic painting. Students will delve into techniques like color harmony and understand how fundamental principles can coalesce into a cohesive artwork. This course prompts students to ignite their imagination, polish their artistry, and alter their perception of the world. Pre-teens are guided to analyze and emulate the styles of iconic painters, aiding in refining their own techniques. Additionally, they are given the freedom to produce original pieces, expressing their creativity.

Are you keen on introducing your child to the world of painting or drawing?

Or seeking to enhance their existing skills in these delightful pursuits? Have past experiences with other institutions left you desiring more? Our academy offers an unparalleled learning experience in a nurturing and engaging environment. With a variety of groups and a passionate instructor, our sessions are a hit among students. Each month brings a novel theme, innovative techniques, and the introduction of fresh materials. We also supply all required materials for the classes without any additional charges.

Discover How to Draw and Paint with Realism and Creativity!

Regardless of your experience level, our instructor is eager to assist everyone in enhancing their abilities. We design our lessons to captivate young learners, ensuring an enjoyable experience. In our art sessions, we encourage students to redefine norms and craft their unique style aligned with their passions.

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