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Affordable Singing Lessons. Mississauga’s Greatest Voice Teachers!

If you want to know how to sing and impress everyone or just try and maybe find your talent do not lose time, please let us help you to do so. Vocal technique is very important and it is hard to learn it without extra help. We have amazing vocal teachers who are teaching the proper techniques and they will help you how to control your voice while singing in a natural way. It is important to learn how to breathe properly while singing so you can get the best potential results and keep your vocal folds healthy.

Lots of beginners try to copy popular singers and performers, in our school we will help to find your own way of singing your favorite songs. Our teachers use modern and classic ways of teaching to make sure you will have the best results possible. Our teachers will help you to find a musical style which will suit you the best. You will go through not only the basic vocal techniques, but they will work on your performance skills as well. In our music school, you have a great opportunity to take part in our yearly concerts (participation in our recitals available for every student) and impress your family and everyone else with what you have learned throughout the year.

Our Prices & Schedule

  • Online lessons can be scheduled any day of the week

This amount of tuition can apply to whole month payments only.

  • Private 30-minute lesson – $33 per lesson paid by Interac
  • Discounted Rate – $32 per lesson paid by Cash